Workshop Painting Windmills

Paint a beautiful Dutch windmill

Enhance your Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans experience with an unforgettable painting workshop, ‘Beautiful Windmills.’ Immerse yourself in a two-hour session where I’ll guide you through acrylic painting techniques, delve into color theory, and enable you to craft your own rendition of a Dutch windmill—or any subject that inspires you.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned painter, this workshop caters to all skill levels. Step into my charming studio, where you’ll select a captivating picture of a quintessential Dutch ‘Zaanse’ windmill. With my expert assistance, you’ll bring your chosen scene to life on canvas using quick-drying acrylic paints. Discover my cozy and luminous atelier, ‘In de Hoge Hoed’ (In the High Hat), nestled at Lagendijk 3, 1541 KA Koog aan de Zaan—just a mere kilometer away from the renowned Zaanse Schans. Embrace this creative journey in a serene setting, adding a unique artistic flair to your exploration of the Dutch countryside.

zaanse molen

Waarom een creatieVE SCHILDERWORKSHOP bij In de Hoge Hoed?